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Tips to Save Money While On Vacation

Tips to Save Money While On Vacation

Saving money and energy on your unoccupied home while you’re gone on summer vacation can alleviate some vacation expenses that add up quickly. Try these energy saving tips from Circle B Mechanical, LLC your Oklahoma A/C experts.

Unplug electronic appliances that are not being used. Small amounts of electricity called phantom loads are used even when the appliances are not being used. Turn off all lights except for maybe a lamp or two to make it look like someone is home at night or you can put a lamp on a timer.

Double-check your doors and windows before you leave for vacation. Make sure they are closed tightly; letting outside air in, even the smallest amount for a prolonged time can make the AC unit work harder than necessary.

Pull curtains and shades, keeping windows covered in your home will drastically reduce the amount of sun and heat coming in through your windows. I prefer to use “black-out” style curtains to help keep my home cooler. This is most evident in the morning and afternoon when the sun is at its peak. This can add unnecessary heat to your home and cause your air conditioner to turn on when you may not want it to.

Program your thermostat to hold at a higher temperature than when you are normally home. Do not turn off your ac unit because you want minimal airflow. Set it at something that will turn on at least once a day. Setting your thermostat around 84* will keep the air circulating.

The most effective way to save money and energy while on vacation is to turn your water heater thermostat down to the lowest setting. Energy efficient water heater choices like this can help reduce wasted money and energy.

The professionals at Circle B Mechanical, LLC, are your Greater Oklahoma air conditioning company, we are here to help you with all your energy saving needs. Let our HVAC specialists ensure comfort, maximum efficiency and lower utility bills for your home and business as summer drives on. Need to request a service? Do you have questions? Ask Our Experts! Give Circle B Mechanical a call today, or visit us online to request services or contact us.

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