Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Maintaining Your Garbage DisposalYour garbage disposal can be a handy tool in your kitchen. It can help eliminate unwanted food in an easy fashion. However, when your garbage disposal starts to emit an unpleasant odor it can be bothersome. Here are a few tips on keeping your garbage disposal operational, from your friends at Circle B Mechanical.

The biggest problem most people have with their disposal is the smell and what to do about it. First, make sure it is free from food debris by running the faucet with the disposal running. Then, try adding ¼ cup of regular baking soda and let sit for several hours before flushing with water. This absorbs the odors and acts as a cleansing agent and a polisher to the blades. Baking soda is safe to use in septic systems as well. It will lift away stuck on food and leave a clean smell behind. Continue reading

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Lowering Indoor Air Pollutants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Tulsa Air Conditioning ServiceThere are several sources of air pollution in homes, schools, and offices. Some pollutants can cause health problems while other pollutants cause or worsen allergies, respiratory illnesses and heart disease. Children and people with cancer and other serious long-term conditions need to have their air quality monitored to ensure optimal, clean indoor air.  Large quantities of individual pollutants—such as carbon monoxide—can cause death.

Most of us spend much of our time indoors. The air that we breathe in our homes can put us at a potential risk for health problems from pollutants like smoke, chemicals, gases, and mold. Children are especially sensitive to secondhand smoke, which can trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses. High temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some pollutants. Dust particles and dirt can build up inside your air vents and air duct system, contributing to poor indoor air quality in your home. It is recommended that you have your air conditioning ducts cleaned every year or two. Continue reading

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Performing Regular Home Checks

Home Maintenance ChecksWith summer coming to a close and the start of school approaching, it’s also time to take action to avoid potential problems with your plumbing, sewer, and drain systems. Circle B Mechanical wants you to get your home in shape for warm weather, while saving energy and money, too.

All In The Wash

Summer activities means more laundry. Keeping the clothes clean can put your washing machine under a lot of stress. It’s important to perform regular checks to prevent additional stress from taking an unnecessary toll on your washer and dryer.

  • Check your washing machine hoses for leaks or cracks and be sure to remove dryer lint regularly. If you have a vacuum cleaner with hose attachments, use it to clean out the link container and inside of the dryer door where the rubber seal is.
  • Keep your machine at least four inches from the wall to prevent hose kinking and damage. If you already have a kinked hose behind your washing machine, it should be replaced.
  • You shouldn’t leave your home while the washer is running. Washing machine hoses should be replaced approximately every three years, but no one ever replaces them until something goes wrong. Either replace the hoses regularly, or make sure you are home to stop a potential disaster. Continue reading
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Watch Out for Dirty Air Conditioning Filters

Tulsa air conditioning repair technicians Circle B Mechanical have been very busy this summer answering service calls. Once you have had your air conditioner serviced it is important to remember to change your air filter regularly. A dirty air filter can cause the air intake to become blocked and can damage your air conditioning unit.

How Does my Home’s Air Conditioning Filter Get So Dirty?

dirty AC FilterThe air intake vent inside your home pulls the dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander out of the air and into the AC filter. The type of air conditioning filter used in your home’s air conditioning unit will determine the amount of allergens that become trapped in the air conditioning filter. The better the filter, the cleaner your air duct system will be, as well as higher the quality of air in your home.

There are several different types of air filters used in your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. Panel air filters are disposable and typically made of fiberglass. These air filters are relatively cheap and are only designed to filter out large dust particles. Continue reading

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Preemptive Plumbing Maintenance

Tulsa summers are a great time to replace and repair broken water fixtures in your home’s plumbing systems and check for problem areas. Performing routine preventative plumbing maintenance is the best way of protecting your home against future plumbing problems.

Circle B Mechanical offers these plumbing tips to help ensure your home’s water pipes stay flowing all summer long.

Thoroughly Check all Faucets, Fixtures, & Valves

tulsa plumber1. Check faucets for drips or leaks and repair parts as needed to save water.

2. Clean mineral deposits from faucets and shower heads by unscrewing them and soaking them in vinegar overnight.

3. Cycle water supply / shut off valves under sinks, toilets, behind the dishwasher and washing machine. Under normal circumstances, these valves rarely get used, so the plastic and rubber parts inside one of these valves can turn brittle, and at some point, may start to leak. Continue reading

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Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Ducts

A typical home’s air conditioning ventilation duct has dozens of tunnels running throughout your home. They carry heated or cooled air throughout your home’s air duct system, keeping your home comfortable for years and years. The air duct system can collect dirt, fungus, pet hair, dust, and mold. Mildew can grow inside these tunnels—even rodents and birds can nest and even defecate inside your air duct system.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, it is recommended to clean your home’s air duct system every couple of years, and it should be cleaned at least once after it’s construction. This is mainly because during the original construction of your home, there is drywall, sawdust, and even nails that were left over from the construction that can get into your air ducts and over a period of years dirt and dust can collect around them. Continue reading

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Air Conditioner Condenser Cleaning Tips

AC Condenser CoilIs your air conditioner running but not cooling? Here are some easy steps you can take to increase the cooling of your air conditioning unit. These steps are effective to maintain your air conditioner, help prevent costly air conditioner repairs while prolonging the life of your unit and assist in reducing expensive energy bills as your system is functioning at peak performance year round.

Air Conditioner Repair: Cleaning Condenser Coils

Cleaning your air conditioner condenser coil and the outside of your air conditioner is recommended at least once annually and preferably twice per year in warmer climates. Maintaining a clean air conditioner condenser and coils reduces your utility bills and can prolong the life of your equipment. Continue reading

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Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

carbon monoxide alarm tulsaCarbon monoxide poisoning can be a deadly poison in your home. It is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that is very difficult to detect. Long term exposure to carbon monoxide can cause depression, confusion, and memory loss. Many people exposed to large amounts of carbon monoxide suffer from headaches, fatigue, malaise, hallucinations, and even death. The poisoning effects of carbon monoxide are a very real threat in your home. Even a healthy person with no preexisting conditions can still suffer confusion and memory loss from minimal exposure.  Continue reading

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Heating Your Home for Less

Tulsa Heating ServiceCircle B Mechanical is your dependable Tulsa heating service and repair professional! We will keep your heating system performing the way that it should during the blustery winter months ahead. In Oklahoma’s unpredictable winters, you need a Tulsa heating and air company you can depend on. Here are a few ideas to help keep the heat inside your home—keeping you snug all winter long.

Check for Drafts

Heat rises, and areas around doors can allow cold air into your home making floors, especially wood or tile, extremely cold. By replacing the door sweep and adding a threshold, you can drastically reduce the amount of energy lost. Continue reading

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Programmable Thermostats Can Lower Annual Heating Costs

Programmable ThermostatInstalling a programmable thermostat can eliminate the need to change settings regularly and lower annual heating costs. A programmable thermostat can have multiple settings programmed, even to specific days of the week and hours each day while you are away from the home. If you have installed a programmable thermostat on your home’s heating and cooling system, lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat during the day when no one is home, and even lower overnight while you are sleeping, can greatly reduce your energy bill and increase the life of your heating system. Continue reading

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