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Tulsa Furnace and Heating Repair

Furnace repair and heating repair jobs are not your average do it yourself jobs. If your do-it-yourself repair is not done right it can cost you your home and your life. Most house fires during the winter in Tulsa are caused by faulty furnaces and heating systems. Remember that an unsafe furnace repair or heating repair can cost you more than money. To do the job right it takes specialized equipment and expert repair to ensure you will stay warm and alive this winter.

Certified Furnace Repair and Heating Repair

Circle B Mechanical specializes in repairing and installing home and commercial furnace and heating systems in Tulsa and all surrounding areas. Our certified technicians are trained on all of the latest heating systems and furnaces as well as being able to repair the older systems as well.

Today’s modern furnace and heating systems are more technical than your old gas stove. Within each unit there are several systems that must be functioning properly for your furnace and heating operate safely. Circle B Mechanical has a very thorough procedure to check each and every system when we go out on a furnace repair or heating repair call:

  • First we check your thermostats and clean them if necessary
  • We inspect and test your blower controls
  • The blower itself is checked
  • All fan motors are checked and cleaned if necessary
  • The pilot light tube fixture is checked
  • Low voltage wiring is inspected (very important)
  • The output of the transformer is checked

After inspecting and testing these items we then look for any loose or broken wiring then check all of the electronics and mechanical components of your furnace and heating systems. Our furnace and heating repair trucks carry many of the replacement parts for almost every type of furnace and heating system. Sometimes it is a simple adjustment or small repair of your furnace and heating system. Other times it requires that we install new parts or complete heating systems. You can be sure that Circle B will do your heating repair job right and won’t leave you out in the cold.

Furnace and Heating System Maintenance Programs

heating repair tulsaThe best way to keep your furnace and heating systems working at top efficiency is to have them checked each year. Having a good heating and air maintenance program saves you money in the long run and ensures that your furnace and heating system works when the weather gets cold. Circle B Mechanical has furnace and heating system maintenance programs that can save you money and keep you warm at the same time.

Tulsa’s #1 Furnace and Heating Repair Service

Before it gets too cold call Circle B Mechanical to check your furnace and heating systems. With Oklahoma weather changing, now is the time to have your furnace repair and heating repair done safely and right the first time. If you are cold in Tulsa call Circle B Mechanical at (918) 367-6298 for expert furnace repair and heating repair.

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