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How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Tips: To Prevent Clogged Drains

Drain cleaning is a routine plumbing service that can sometimes be prevented. Here are some tips to help you prevent your drains from getting clogged.

Prevent Drain Clogging in the Kitchen Sink

A common plumbing problem at the kitchen sink is a clogged drain or garbage disposal. You can prevent the need for drain cleaning by keeping certain items out of your sink. Coffee grinds, banana peels, bones, eggshells and grease are difficult for your garbage disposal to pulverize and may cause damage to your system.

Prevent Drain Clogging in the Tub and Shower

The most common cause of a clogged tub or shower is the buildup of hair. Clear your drain after each bath or shower if hair collects in the drain, and check the plate on your drain. If your shower requires drain cleaning regularly, simply buy a replacement drain plate with smaller holes to collect more hair. This will prevent the hair from building up in your pipes and prevent the next drain cleaning service.

To maintain your plumbing system we recommend a drain cleaning rather than using harsh chemical products to clear your drain.

Prevent Drain Clogging in the Toilet

Preventing toilet stoppages and drain cleaning is easy if everyone in your house understands how to prevent a plumbing problem. Never dispose of items such as tampons or sanitary napkins in the toilet. Supervise young children; they can use an excess amount of toilet paper.

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