Hot Water Tanks

hot water heater

Hot Water Tanks

How often should I flush my hot water heater to prevent scale build up?

If you have a soft water system, flush the heater every 6 months. Otherwise, the water heater needs to be flushed every three months.

What is the average life of an electric hot water heater?

Depending on your water quality the life span could be five to seven years. Gas water heaters have a longer life span of seven to ten years.

What do I do if I have no hot water? Continue reading

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Lower Your Energy Costs This Summer

Lower Your Energy Costs This Summer

Always clean or change your air conditioner filters frequently. We recommend checking it at least every four weeks in our dusty desert climate.

Do not set your thermostat lower in the cooling mode than is comfortable. The average resident is comfortable at a setting of 72 to 76 degrees. For every degree that you lower your thermostat below 78 degrees, you increase your electric consumption by 2% to 5%.

In the summer, setting the fan to the “on” position will allow the indoor fan to run continuously, thus providing continuous circulation of air between cycles. This continuous circulation can allow many users to set their thermostat 1 or 2 degrees higher, while still remaining comfortable. Continue reading

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Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected & Serviced

Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected & Serviced

The summer is in full force across Oklahoma dealing with an air conditioning problem in the extreme heat is at best uncomfortable. Air conditioning service should have been handled prior to the start of the spring season. Unfortunately, most people won’t give their air conditioning units proper maintenance to prepare for the hot temperatures until summer has arrived.

Just like you have your furnace serviced in the fall to ensure efficient heating for the colder months, your air conditioner should be inspected and serviced by a heating and air professionals every spring to ensure it runs well throughout the summer months. Contact us to have one of our licensed experienced technicians at Circle B Mechanical handle your next air conditioner service or inspection. Ask us about our preventative maintenance agreements.

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Tips to Save Money While On Vacation

Tips to Save Money While On Vacation

Saving money and energy on your unoccupied home while you’re gone on summer vacation can alleviate some vacation expenses that add up quickly. Try these energy saving tips from Circle B Mechanical, LLC your Oklahoma A/C experts.

Unplug electronic appliances that are not being used. Small amounts of electricity called phantom loads are used even when the appliances are not being used. Turn off all lights except for maybe a lamp or two to make it look like someone is home at night or you can put a lamp on a timer.

Double-check your doors and windows before you leave for vacation. Make sure they are closed tightly; letting outside air in, even the smallest amount for a prolonged time can make the AC unit work harder than necessary. Continue reading

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