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Lowering Indoor Air Pollutants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are several sources of air pollution in homes, schools, and offices. Some pollutants can cause health problems while other pollutants cause or worsen allergies, respiratory illnesses and heart disease. Children and people with cancer and other serious long-term conditions … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Dirty Air Conditioning Filters

Tulsa air conditioning repair technicians Circle B Mechanical have been very busy this summer answering service calls. Once you have had your air conditioner serviced it is important to remember to change your air filter regularly. A dirty air filter … Continue reading

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Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Ducts

A typical home’s air conditioning ventilation duct has dozens of tunnels running throughout your home. They carry heated or cooled air throughout your home’s air duct system, keeping your home comfortable for years and years. The air duct system can … Continue reading

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality is a growing concern in our society today. Americans on average spend 70% of their time indoors and according to the American Lung Association the quality of our indoor air can be up … Continue reading

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